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What we do

We match drivers with dealerships who need to move vehicles through our smartphone app.

Whether you’re trying to offset costs of your car, cover this month’s bills, or fund your dreams, we will get you there. So, go ahead. Be your own boss.

Frequently asked questions

1If I drive a car to another dealership, how do I get home?
If we don't have a return trip planned for you to drive back, then the Social Auto Transport app will automatically request a Lyft ride back for you. (and your paid for the drive time back of course!)

Driver Overview
2How frequently do I get paid?
We pay weekly just like the other rideshare companies. Click below for more info on pay.

Driver Overview
3How do I receive ride opportunities?
Just like other rideshare companies, our app is designed to find the drivers closest to the pickup. If you have the Social Auto Transport app on and you are close to a move request you will get a move notification. To learn more about how the app works visit our app page.

4How does insurance work if I'm driving other people's cars?
Social Auto Transport insures all of our drivers in a similar way to the other rideshare companies. We have tiered levels of liability insurance depending on the stage of the delivery as well as collision coverage for the car. For more information visit our insurance page.

5Should quit driving with the other rideshare guys?
No, in fact we discourage that. Driving for us is just another opportunity to make money. We often times have moves that would be in typical rideshare downtimes so we can offer a chance to add additional revenue during slow times.

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