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Provide Turn-key Concierge Service with Social Auto Transport

With instant moves, real-time tracking, and access to trusted drivers, we automate the way you move cars through an on-demand drive service with real-time tracking and hassle free pricing.

What's in it for me?

With your customer NOT in the waiting room, our customers increase their repair order size -- by 100% in many cases. Don’t trust us, we want you to try it for yourself for FREE*.

How it works

Treat Your Customer Like a King

  • Offer your customer free pickup and delivery
  • Log the original service request and cost
  • Log the after services delivered and cost

What you do

Watch 10 Sales Increase in 5 Days

  • 10 free concierge moves for repair customers
  • Moves valid in 5 consecutive business days
  • After the 5 days, share the before and after repair results.

What we do

Help Increase Your Sales

  • We move cars on demand at an affordable price (starting at $19).
  • Our drivers are trained, background checked, licensed, and insured.
  • Provide a Covid-safe white glove service.

Frequently asked questions

1Does a loaner affect the price of concierge pickups?
No, loaner delivery is free for all concierge type moves. The price is the same for concierge pickups that include a loaner delivery as those that do not.
2Are the vehicles insured during transport?
Yes, all vehicles are insured for collision and liability from the moment they are driven away by our drivers to the moment they are delivered. Learn more at the link below.

Dealers Overview
3Do you use trucks to transport the vehicles?
No. Our hassle free service sends a driver to your pickup location within minutes of your request to drive the vehicle to it's destination.
4How do I request a move?
Our interactive customer portal allows for the easy entry of a move using a simple form. Favorite your regular locations and save time entering the same vehicle for a return move thanks to the auto-suggests from previous stock and vin numbers.

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